one day at a time

Another day at the cancer hospital getting a reality check. And signing up for Round 5.

Mom: Look at all the people in here today again. There are just so many people with cancer. Old people. Young people. Cancer sure doesn’t doesn’t discriminate, does it?

Me: No, it definitely doesn’t. 

Mom: I sure hope that none of you kids ever have to go through this. 

Me: Yes, me too. But it’s just so common. They used to say that one in four people gets cancer. Now, I think it’s becoming more like one in two. 

Mom: You know, lots of these people won’t get the amount of time that I’ve had. I’ve had my miracles.

Me: You most definitely have.

Mom: Yes. But I know it can’t last forever. I know that my time is coming too. 

It felt strangely comforting to hear that one small acknowledgement from her – of the reality ahead. It made my heart swell in the most unexpected way. I realized then just how much my own acceptance of this is wrapped up in hers. 

One day at a time.

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