the telling

For some reason — I don’t remember why — same-sex marriage had been in the news around June of 2012. That Sunday night, as I grappled with what my own coming out story would be, we talked about it at a family dinner. Someone in my family said that they didn’t understand it. They didn’t… Continue reading the telling


baggage claim

I couldn’t have known it that night I found myself laying on the carpeted floor of the basement in our old house on Catherine Street – with the land line pressed hard against my ear – that you and I were having our coming out at the same time. It was the dead of summer.… Continue reading baggage claim


pride thoughts 2021

Every year in June, I think about Edie Windsor and Thea Speyer. Though they’re both gone now, in the not too distant past, Edie (in her 80s) fought a long battle to have her marriage to Thea legally recognized. She refused to give up on the promise of America. And she refused to shrink any… Continue reading pride thoughts 2021


five things on a blue sticky note

All my life, my mom kept a running, hand-written grocery list. Always on the fridge, stuck there in the top corner with a cocker spaniel fridge magnet. It was one of those simple things that moms do that are probably only ever appreciated by their children – if at all – in hindsight, looking back… Continue reading five things on a blue sticky note